Clear Nails Plus Review: Can It Really Fight Ugly Nail Fungal Infection?

Nail fungal infections can be intimidating in two ways. For one, they leave negative effects on one’s health. The nail infection can enter and spread into the bloodstream. When that happens, it can cause damage to any organ including the liver and the heart. Secondly, the fungal infection can be hard to hide – this leads to rounds and rounds of the question of ‘what happened,’ ‘how it happened,’ and so on. It’s courageous if a person is ready to counter these questions. But for those who are fed up, a solution such as Clear Nails Plus can help.

This is a natural dietary supplement that has its place in the formula section that fights fungal infections. The only difference is that it is natural so much so that its composition is free from side effects caused by the presence of harmful chemicals. Besides, extensive research has gone into the preparation of this formula. This ups its authenticity. Moreover, it comes from a person who has been in the same boat of infections and learned its consequences the hard way.

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Clear Nails Plus Review

Clear Nails Plus is an all-natural, fungal-fighting formula. It is entirely based on a natural composition. All the ingredients present are natural. On account of such a composition, the formula is safe to take. Besides, the odds of side effects also go down.

The fact of the matter is that synthetic compounds, harmful chemicals, and the like tend to leave adverse health effects in the wake of their performance. Therefore, their presence makes a formula unsafe to take as one can get a combination of side effects plus results or minimal results with side effects with the regular use of such solutions.

On the flip side, a natural solution such as this one under review tends to be slow but sure in showing results. What’s more, the natural ingredients contained in the supplement limit the risks of negative health impacts on the body.

On top of all of this, the supplement has only made it to the shelves after rounds of in-depth study so that we have a natural, safe, and well-researched solution for nail fungal infections on the table. The chief motive of the supplement is to eradicate the infection from the body and ensure that it does not return again.

What Does The Supplement Do?

Clear Nails Plus is responsible for eliminating fungal infection, so this is what it does. Upon close inspection, one can also guess the same from its name. The reality is that fungal infections tend to be sticky by nature.

Once neglected, these can eventually grow to spread to other nails or surrounding areas. The infection can also enter into the bloodstream. When that happens, a person is at an increased risk of further health damage. This is because the infection can quickly take over the blood and damage the organs in the body.

In rare and extreme cases, the infection can turn out to be fatal. Thus, this natural supplement aims to get rid of the infection in the body. It adopts a two-way work mechanism:

  • It flushes out the harmful fungal infection from the body
  • It makes sure that the infection does not return back

To this end, this supplement strengthens the immune system. The immune system in the body is its defense system. If it is weak, one becomes vulnerable to the development of infections. But, when it is strong, one can better resist infection-causing foreign agents and other health issues.

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Hence, this formula strives to strengthen the immune system so that it can resist the fungal infection. In doing so, the chances of the infection coming backdrop. It should also be mentioned here that a strong immune system means that the odds of developing other health ailments are poor.

Therefore, it is clear that this supplement fights and kicks out the infection in the body and it makes the immune system strong for enhanced protection from prevailing and future health concerns.

The Background Of The Product

An important factor when choosing a solution for any aspect of one’s health is to look into the background details of a product before buying it. So the information about the background or the manufacturer is crucial as these speak volumes of the product’s reliability and credibility.

In the case of Clear Nails Plus, substantial background information on the person who bred its idea is present. This product comes from Roy Williams. In his case, he was not the one with the infection but his beloved father was the one affected.

As most people do, Roy’s father neglected the matter, assuming it would go away in some time. The only problem was it did not disappear. Instead, it multiplied so much so that the dangerous fungus-infected his bloodstream.

Most doctors did not have a solution for this. When Roy realized that what started as a minute infection was taking over the life of his father, he started his research in conjunction with professionals. It was after countless episodes of research that this solution came into being.

Notable Features

Clear Nails Plus shows some important features as well. These are:

  • Natural composition with well-researched ingredients
  • Backed by extensive studies
  • No harmful chemicals, therefore, safe to take
  • Minimal odds of side effects
  • Reasonably priced with a money-back guarantee also present
  • Formulated to show rapid results
  • Reduces the fungal infection as well as boosts immunity

Another essential characteristic here is that the supplement comes in the form of capsules that are easy to take. Plus, such a format makes it effective as formulas that are topically applied don’t even get the chance to penetrate into the first layer of skin to treat the matter.

Pricing and Bonuses

Clear Nails Plus is economically priced and is up for grabs in packages as well. These are:

  • One bottle of the supplement is available for $69 with no shipping costs
  • Three bottles of the product for a price of $59 per bottle with no additional costs
  • Six bottles of the formula for $49 per bottle with no delivery charges

There is also a 180-days refund policy associated with the purchase of the supplement. This means that if a person is not satisfied with the product or anything else, then he can always have his money back by requesting a refund.

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Over and above that, there are two bonuses that are given free of cost with the purchase of this supplement. These are:

  • The Diabetes Fungus Fighting Handbook

This is a useful guide that discloses nine foods, which can aid in improving health by promoting bowel movement, furthering gut health, enhancing immunity, and improving digestive health as well. All the ingredients mentioned in the book are diabetes-friendly by nature.

  • The 24-Hour Fungal Flush

This is the second freebie given away with the supplement. It is another practical guidebook that offers a comprehensive look at information and recipes, which can help one show the fungal infection the exit that it deserves.


All in all, Clear Nails Plus is a natural formula for fighting fungal infections. It is easy to take and effective as well. All thanks to its ingredients, it is safe to incorporate in one’s daily routine as well.

Disclaimer*Results may vary from person to person. These statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is recommended to consult with physician before starting any supplement or making any changes to your diet or exercise plan.