The Flat Belly Fix is a unique weight loss program developed by Todd Lamb, and it is designed to melt away stubborn fat stored in abdominal region in as quickly as 21 days. Now it does sounds like one of those fitness plan gimmicks that claim to provide results, but the program is quite unique and effectual in that sense.

Many times these programs will deliver promised results but it requires following the regime dedicatedly. The real issue comes when the regime is too unrealistic and impractical to follow. This is where The Flat Belly Fix differs from most other programs.

It is probably one of the most easily adopted programs into the daily life unlike other diet regimes that require devoting hours to health and fitness. It also primarily focuses on nutritious diet and exercise.

What is The Flat Belly Fix Program?

Economically speaking, The Flat Belly Fix is a surprisingly reasonably priced program considering all the nutritional information, exercise recommendations and tasty smoothie recipes. Unlike other programs, Flat Belly Fix does not charge for all the components separately, and the package includes three to get started with this program. These are as follows:

  • 21 Day System
  • 7 Minutes Flat Belly Protocol
  • Smoothies Recipe Guide

The components are explained in detailed below, but just at a glance, all fitness and nutrition basics are covered in the program. This is imperative because it can be difficult to achieve and sustain weight loss with one of the components missing. This program covers both fitness and nutrition in a comprehensive way.

Now, the basic principle behind this unique health and fitness program comes from tired and tested ingredients that, back in time, were utilized to maintain different aspects of optimal health and strength. And the best part is that hese ingredients are actually quite commonly found at any grocery store.

In today’s world of processed foods and take away meals, the importance and knowledge of incorporating these ingredients properly into a diet is now lost on most people. And as a result, these ingredients are often not used in cooking or in meals and subsequently, their benefits are lost.

The program not only highlights the strength and capabilities of such ingredients and the benefits these can bring into one’s health and fitness and life, but it also explains the easiest way to enjoy them – in the form of healthy and delicious smoothies.

The smoothie recipes are basically put into action and employed throughout the regime, while making it easier to reap the outcome.

As per the exercise routine, it involves different forms of movements aimed at targeting the belly area to subsequently get rid of the stubborn fat reserves. While each protocol comes with a date of the week mentioned, you can also pick and choose the ones you like or prefer to do, provided you’re doing 1 complete protocol every day that mainly requires 7 minutes to complete.

All the many different types of exercise movements mentioned in the program are all based on the basic principles employed by SWAT teams, military personnel, and police officials utilize to make sure of optimal levels of stamina and strength, which leads to the next topic…

Who is the Architect of The Flat Belly Fix program?

Todd Lamb is the main brains behind The Flat Belly Fix program. Unlike many other creators of fitness programs, Lamb is not one of those major fitness gurus on that are seen on TV talk shows in magazines. On the contrary, he has always possessed a deep knowledge about health and fitness and the essentials for achieving both, since it was also part of his career that required him to do so.

Lamb has been part of the police force for 17 years, and he retired as a SWAT team leader, a SWAT and K-9 handler. Plus he has experience in the military with a long list of certifications that it would take a lot of space to cover all.

Although Lamb does not have a fitness degree or experience in personal training discipline, he does have extensive experience and expertise in what really counts.

The Flat Belly Fix: Program Overview

Getting into the details of this program will give a better understanding of what the whole program includes. So here’s a detailed look into The Flat Belly Fix program including the topics it covers and what one can expect from different components of the program:

  • The 21 Day System

The 21 Day System is a good point to begin the program for anyone interested in learning everything there is to know about nutrition, health and fitness and how this program helps to achieve those goals. It is highly recommended to go through it first to know about various important tips in regards to maintaining weight loss even after completing the program.

For example, it teaches everything including nutrition, anatomy, eating routine, triglycerides, ratio, insulin, and much more. This information will come very handy when proceeding further in the program.

  • The 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol

The 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol is the section that includes all of the different exercises and workouts, such as system tension, fiber activation, isometric holds, and more. It contains a protocol for every day of the week. However, it offers a choice of protocol that is most comfortable to perform, as long as one protocol is completed in a day. Each protocol takes only about 7 minutes to complete, so it is actually not difficult at all. But do bear in mind what the protocol is designed to achieve here, as one will certainly feel the burn.

Every movement comes accompanied with two illustrations and directions in detail on how to perform the movement in the right way, time to spend on each movement, number of reps involved and the length of rest periods in between every set. So, it is quite simple to follow through without complication.

  • Smoothie Recipe Guide

This section of the program talks about chocolate, wild berries, avocado, coconut, banana nut, almond milk, chocolate almond, vanilla, cinnamon, nuts and so much more, and it provides detailed information on getting proper nutrition into the diet, such as the ancient ingredients mentioned earlier, and in an enjoyable way.

Final Verdict

The Flat Belly Fix is a unique, amazingly inexpensive, and surprisingly easy to follow program. All it takes is dedicating only 7 minutes every day for completing the exercise protocols and then a couple more minutes to prepare the delicious smoothies. Probably the only hard thing to do in the program is sustaining that high-intensity burn that is felt from high-energy exercise that executes short but fast movements. It is the same burn that will melt away even the most stubborn fat in the stomach region.

Anyone who’s still concerned if the exercise regime is right for them or not, or do not have a palate for variety of foods, or even not sure about the taste of the smoothies, the company offers a 60 day full refund policy that the users can take advantage of. So anyone who wants to start achieving effective weight loss and fitness goals with a single purchase and a little bit commitment can get started today.