Thyroid Rescue 911 Review: Usage, Benefits, Price and More

Thyroid Rescue 911 is a dietary supplement that helps against thyroid problem. It is an organic formula that improves the function of thyroid gland. That’s not all, it also aids in digestion and prevents unnecessary weight gain or weight loss.

Using this supplement will make you feel active, energetic, and fit. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from thyroid already or at risk of it. Thyroid Rescue 911 works best on everyone, even better than traditional remedies. It is a light of hope for people who are hopeless from trying multiple treatments and remedies. You will feel a difference in thyroid problems symptoms because it targets the root cause of it.

If you are looking for a reliable supplement, try considering its ingredients, effects, and user reviews. There is a huge variety in the supplement industry, which can confuse anyone easily. Beware of the shady products and try using a research-based supplement like Thyroid Rescue 911.


Who manufactures it?

The manufacturer of Thyroid Rescue 911 is called the Phytage labs. This company is famous for making natural supplements at an affordable price. Thyroid Rescue 911 is clinically tested and has multiple research-based studies to prove the medicinal benefits of its ingredients.

The Phytage labs originally got famous from their plant-based skincare line. The success of their safe, herbal products leads them to develop dietary supplements that are safe for use.

The company believes that using herbal products is a lot better than using high potency medicines, expensive treatments, or unaffordable surgeries. Today, there are thousands of loyal customers that are getting benefit from

Thyroid Rescue 911 pills for their role in metabolism, weight loss, skin care, vision, and overall immunity boost.
Just like all of their products, Thyroid Rescue 911 is made of pure herbs and has no side effects even after long-term use.

Ingredients inside Thyroid Rescue 911

The manufacturer promises Thyroid Rescue 911 to be a purely natural supplement. So all of its ingredients come from herbal sources. Following Thyroid Rescue 911 ingredients help to give you the desired results in less time.

Ashwagandha powder
Ashwagandha is one of the most popular ingredients in Ayurveda medicine. It has been used for centuries to treat hormones. There are numerous powerful antioxidants inside it, which improve the level of hormones, including T3 and T4. These two hormones are the two most active forms of thyroid hormone, which are required for good metabolism.

Cayenne Pepper extract
Cayenne pepper is another natural ingredient that has roles in metabolism. Its extract is used inside this supplement to improve metabolic rate and prevent chronic metabolic diseases. It enhances the blood circulation and makes sure that T3 and T4 hormones are up to a healthy level inside the body.

Schizandra powder
Schizandra powder is another essential ingredient in this list. It is also a part of many traditional treatments for hormones. It has high benefits in cellular repair and healing. It is so powerful that it can even heal severe cellular damage. It can also reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol, and improves immunity.

Bladderwrack extract
Bladderwrack is a rich source of iodine. Thyroid patients necessary require iodine for complete healing.

Molybdenum is a natural metabolic healer. It has particular benefits in metabolism. If you have a low metabolic rate, this ingredient will boost it, and you will never gain weight. It also improves blood circulation and prevents the chances of blood pressure-related issues.

Vitamin B12
Next ingredient is Vitamin B12. Like the name represents it is a sub-type Vitamin B which is responsible for providing energy to the body. If you are deficient in vitamin B12, you will feel lethargic and lazy all day. Typically, every person who suffers from a thyroid problem experiences fatigue. That is why the addition of vitamin B12 was necessary for this formula.

L-tyrosine is an amino acid which helps to build body muscles. In combination with iodine, it regulates the level and function of T3 and T4. These T3 and T4 hormones control the body’s temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. They ensure a healthy, functioning body that never falls for thyroid disease.

Selenium, Magnesium, And Zinc
These three ingredients are minerals that do wonders for your health. In a combination, they maximize the absorption of T3 and T4 into the body cells. Sometimes people are unable to absorb thyroid. For these reasons, the manufacturers of Thyroid Rescue 911 have added minerals in its formula.

Copper and Magnesium
These two minerals help to increase T3 and T4 hormones level in blood. There is plenty of research on it that proves its role in thyroid-stimulation.

Best features of Thyroid Rescue 911

  • It helps to get over all thyroid-related problem.
  • It promotes healthy thyroid levels in the blood.
  • It prevents unnatural weight gain or weight loss.
  • It reduces stress and fatigue.
  • It makes you active and energetic.
  • It helps to improve metabolism.
  • It picks ingredients from premium quality sources.
  • There are no unnatural ingredients inside it.
  • There are no side effects of it.
  • It works on everyone.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee.



This product doesn’t treat disease. It is just a dietary supplement that naturally improves the capacity of your body to heal itself naturally. There is no magic, only science involved in the creation of this supplement.
Do not use if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother. It is suitable for people over 18 years of age. Do not mix or use it with other supplements of the same type. Speak to your doctor if you want to use it while in any medication.

Directions to use

It comes in an easy to swallow capsule form. One bottle has 60 capsules inside, and this is a one-month dose. You are required to take only two capsules per day regularly for a few weeks to see results. Do not overdose it at any cost. Also, do not consume it with alcohol. Just take plenty of water and swallow the capsules with it.

What are its side effects?

As per thyroid Rescue 911 user reviews, there are absolutely no side effects of it. They are happy and satisfied with their purchase and are willing to use it again. Being a natural formula, there is not any chance that Thyroid Rescue 911 can cause a side effect. But for the safe side, don’t forget to read the ingredient list. If you know that you are allergic to any of its ingredients, this product may not suit you.

How to buy Thyroid Rescue 911?

This product is only available online, and you may not find it at any big store like GNC or Walmart. However, you can order it by sitting at your home, and it will reach to you within a few days.

Thyroid Rescue 911 is an extremely affordable choice. The price of one bottle is just $69.95. You can buy more than one bottle on a much lesser price. Use it for a couple of months to experience its benefits. There are no shipment and delivery charges on any order.

Refunds and Returns

After using Thyroid Rescue 911 if you don’t find it suitable, you can get your money back. Thyroid Rescue 911 comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t see results in three months, do not use it anymore and get your whole amount back from the manufacturers. For refunds, contact the customer care line, and they will facilitate you.


To conclude, Thyroid Rescue 911 review, this product seems like a fair deal. You can get a complete thyroid support plan at an affordable price by ordering it from home. The creators of this product trust its benefits, so they are offering it with a money-back guarantee. To add more, it is made of all scientifically proven ingredients, which help, in hormonal problems. You can give it a try and see if it works for you. Get your bottle of Thyroid Rescue 911 today at a discounted price before it runs out of stock.



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