If you are at a beach or park, look around yourself. You must have observed many girls wearing low-cut dresses and showing off their toned booties. Stop getting envious and have a look at the new 12-week yoga burn booty challenge. This challenge promises you a toned, bigger and great booty. Read on to know more about this 12-week magic yoga.

Things you need to know about yoga burn booty challenge

Yoga burn booty challenge is a comprehensive guide to tone your butts. It contains very simple yet effective workouts. This challenge is all about strengthening your butt and thighs.

All you need to do is give only 15 minutes daily for 12 weeks to this challenge. Who does not want a toned booty? A fit and toned booty not only helps to reduce your lower back pain but also helps your body to get into an attractive shape.

PLUS POINT #1: Yoga burn booty challenge with a good booty may also improve your athletic performance and bone density.

The challenge will all over improve your body balance and posture. The 12-week challenge consists of a strong sequence of yoga workouts which will help you to lose weight and tone your butts quickly; just within a few months.

The person behind this program is Zoe Bray-Cotton. She specifically designed the program for women of all ages who eagerly want toned butts.

Yoga booty challenge is not only for women who are looking for toning their butts, but the women who want to get in shape and lose weight can also follow the program. If you are just a beginner to this, do not get confused as the challenge invites all types of women.

REMEMBER: The key to the success of a yoga burn booty challenge is to take breaks when required and follow the pace which makes you feel comfortable.

You just need to spend 12 weeks on the program to get your desired results. There is no need for you to follow the steps of workout at a quick pace. You can adjust the pace and level of workouts by yourself. Workouts become more challenging with time to upgrade your fitness level.

Who is the author of Yoga burn booty challenge?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the girl behind the formation of the amazing yoga booty burn challenge. She is a qualified yoga teacher who also advises on the workouts you need.

The best part is that the yoga booty challenge is an easy-to-follow program. You only just need to follow the steps of Zoe Bray-Cotton as she moves along the yoga and workouts steps.

PLUS POINT #2: Zoe Bray-Cotton author of the yoga burn booty challenge is an internationally certified yoga instructor.

Unlike most yoga teachers she is an internationally certified instructor. She specializes in transforming women. Zoe Bray-Cotton is the author of many best international selling fitness programs.

Yoga does not only helps you lose weight but also increase your happiness levels. With a fit body, one starts having more confidence in himself.

It is approximately over a decade since she is practicing in the well-known gyms and yoga places. She is the only one in this program who has expertise in solving out issues of every customer.

The working of yoga burn booty challenge

The foundation of the program lies in three main things, that is, prime, activate, and pump. It is also famous among people by the name of P.A.P.

Zoe Bray-Cotton initiated this program as P.A.P. to ensure that her customers are following the correct sequence of a yoga workout. This will also help you to ensure that you are giving enough time to each part of the workout. Following the program in the right way will help you to reach your desired quickly.

PLUS POINT #3: Yoga burn booty challenge increases your metabolic rate resulting in a quick break down of fats. The yoga burn booty challenge is an addicting and fun program. It guides you with a booty sculpting routine. The three-step program does not require any additional supplies of equipment or any investment.

The program only works when you combine it with low-calorie meals and a lot of water. To achieve the desired results, you need to make some positive lifestyle changes.

Three steps of yoga booty burning challenge

First step: Priming step
Priming step activates the glute muscles of our butt. Due to long hours of sitting, the glute muscles get dormant. It activates Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Maximus, and Gluteus Minimus. Warming up the muscles is the most basic step of every workout to prevent the body from any injury.

Second step: The active step
The active phase consists of exercises that help to tone your buts without making your thighs heavy. Each and every exercise is designed to specifically target only the three muscles of the butt. With time you will start feeling that your booty is getting tight and lifted.

Third step: The pump step
Pump step is the last step of the workout which further ensures the tightening of your butts. This step may help you to improve your metabolism as well as blood flow in your body.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the product?

There is a long list of benefits to the yoga burn booty challenge. Some of them include the money-back guarantee and availability of the challenge guide in both digital and physical form.

You will have immediate access to the product right after your purchase. The product is quite affordable. There is no restriction on the use and purchase of this guide as it is not a fitness level restricted guide.

You only need 15 minutes to do the workout. There is no need to take part and be a member of expensive yoga studios and gyms. In this product, you will be having an experienced and internationally certified yoga instructor.

However, looking at the drawbacks, the product has only one con which is, it requires proper dedication and commitment. Unlike supplements, it is only effective when you follow all instructions properly.

Pricing details of the program

Get your hands quickly on the yoga burn booty challenge guide through their official site before it runs out of stock.

PLUS POINT #4: Zoe Bray-Cotton promises customer satisfaction by giving a 100% money-back guarantee on the yoga burn booty challenge guide.

Zoe is offering her customers an e-book too with the purchase, which consists of ways to lose large amounts of fat quickly. The guide offers great insight for those who want to shed pounds without losing their curves.

It also offers a recipe book, which contains scrumptious recipes for fat burning meals. The e-book guides you with everything in a simple way.

On their official site the two deals available are:

DEAL #1: An e-book and physical guide for $37 with free shipping.
DEAL #2: Two e-books and physical guides for $57 with free shipping.

There are many safe options for payment like American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover, and VISA.


Is the product worth it? Definitely yes! The yoga burn booty challenge not only promises to tone your butt but will also help you lose weight and get your body in shape. What else do you want? This program is a perfect blend of probably everything you need.