The new IGR Plus is one of the amazing digestive boosting supplements, which are now available to try. Read this in-depth review of IGR Plus to see if you should really try it or not.

IGR Plus Review

IGR Plus is a dietary supplement, which is originally created by Jon Price M.B in collaboration with Pacific Naturals. It is a 100% safe and natural formula based on research. It is prepared in a GMP certified facility so there is no compromise on its quality. It is ideal to use daily to get a better digestive system and immunity. IGR Plus comes with 180-day money back guarantee and all this information urges a reader to know inside details of IGR Plus. Does it really work? What’s inside it? The following are all the necessary details on the IGR Plus capsules.

What Is IGR Plus Digestive and Immune Support?

IGR Plus is a herbal formula that is designed on the basis of the IGR method. An IGR method that helps to remove inflammatory bowels. This supplement reduces all digestive problems and strengthens the immune system, which in return builds a healthy body. This supplement is designed in accordance with FDA guidelines. The ingredients inside it are used in optimum doses. All these things bring the best results with the lowest health risks and side effects.

How does IGR Plus work on you?

IGR Plus uses ingredients that are scientifically proven for being helpful indigestion. It improves digestion, reduces appetite, lowers inflammation and prevents chronic metabolic diseases. It also removes brain fog, which directly lowers the work performance of a person. It boosts the immunity otherwise; a low immunity can bring a number of autoimmune diseases such as cancer, skin problems, and many others.

The manufacturer advises to use it in routine at any time of the day. Like all other dietary supplements, it is a health booster and it doesn’t treat any medical condition. Do not confuse it with medicine and do not use it if you are diagnosed with a chronic metabolic disease.

Step by step protocol explained

Following are the basic steps of IGR Plus and how do these help you attain a good digestive health.

Step One: Fight Against Inflammation
The ingredients inside this supplement prevent internal inflammation. As many of you know that inflammation is the root cause of many health problems. using IGR Plus regularly will strengthen your body and improve your gut health.

Step Two: Healing The Gut
If you are suffering from inconsistent and irritable bowels, IGR Plus is here to help. It specifically helps against bowel movements, gas, bloating, acidity, stomach flu, and abdominal cramps. It promotes the healthy bacterial count, which prevents all these conditions to hit you.

Step Three: Repairs The Digestive System
After the above two phases, here comes the final one. Here in the third phase, IGR Plus repair both gut and immune function. It increases the healthy bacterial load and overall improves the gut microbiota. This way there are fewer chances of bad bacteria to cause disease.

The best health benefits of IGR Plus

IGR Plus has received a huge appreciation from its users ever since it is launched in the supplement industry. People are happy and satisfied with its results and there are many users, which endorse using IGR Plus on numerous social forums. The best features of IGR Plus are as following.

It is a completely natural formula
The first thing, which grabs your attention is that it is made of all-natural ingredients. Unlike many other supplements available in the market, this one works better for using the premium ingredients. Trusting IGR Plus is easy because it has no hidden ingredients or any harmful ingredient such as toxin, additives or fillers inside it.

Easy to use in routine
IGR Plus is a health booster that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle. There are no special precautions for using it. You can carry it anywhere and use it whenever needed.

Superior quality and standard following
IGR Plus maintains a high standard that starts from its composition. From the choice of ingredients to their ratio and packaging, everything is preceded with extreme caution. Each step follows good manufacturing practices to ensure a high-quality product. This way, the chances of its efficacy increase by the maximum.

Research-based product
Unlike other “randomly created supplements” this one actually comes after extensive research activities. These researches are performed by qualified physicians and researchers authorized to arrange and investigate such studies. Coming from such a background, the chances of IGR Plus to work better on every individual increase even more.

Direction to use IGR Plus

IGR Plus comes in a plastic container that is sealed for maintaining the quality. First, check if the seal is intact. Do not consume it if the seal is broken, missing or damaged. This seal prevents moisture to enter and affect the formula. It is better not to use IGR capsules if there is no seal.

There are 90 capsules in every bottle. These soft-gel capsules are gluten and cruelty-free. The manufacturer recommends using three capsules per day. It means you have to finish one bottle of IGR Plus in one month, ideally. Consume it with plenty of water for at least three months to experience a noticeable difference in your health.

IGR Plus Ingredients and their benefits

Following is a complete list of all ingredients inside IGR Plus.

Turmeric: Turmeric has a long history of its medicinal uses in various traditions and cultures. It has active ingredients that bring an anti-inflammatory effect. So adding turmeric improves digestion by reducing and eliminating inflammation completely.

Boswellia serrata: It is a herb that is famous for its healing benefits. It reduces common digestive problems and prevents inflammation.

Peppermint oil: peppermint oil is an antispasmodic, which relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestine. It reduces the discomforting digestive symptoms such as indigestion, gas, and bloating.

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium Infantis: These two ingredients are the famous probiotics which are the “good bacteria” for the stomach. They maintain a healthy digestive system by keeping the “bad bacteria’ in limited amounts.

Pros and Cons of IGR Plus


It treats persistent digestive problems
It prevents from abdominal pain, cramps, and discomfort
It improves and heals the intestines
It fights against the bad bacteria that often lead to various diseases
It prevents from stomach acid, IBD, IBS, and flatulence.
It significantly improves immunity
It is affordable
It is easy to use
It comes with a money-back guarantee


IGR Plus is only available online
It is not available at pharmacies and superstores
It is not an alternative to any prescription medicine
It is not recommended for underage children

Where to buy?

IGR Plus is available online. It is currently in stock at an affordable price.

The sample pack of IGR Plus is available for $39.00 per bottle only. It is a month supply and after trying for a month, you can consider buying it in bulk.

If you buy three packs of IGR Plus, the price will reduce to $35.00 per bottle. Buying six bottles in one order is probably the cheapest deal. For six-bottle purchase, the price of every bottle drops to $29.50 only.

All orders of IGR Plus come with free US shipping and a 180-day money-back guarantee. In any case, if you aren’t happy with your purchase, contact the company and get your money back.


Is IGR Plus a recommended supplement? Well, of course, yes. Unlike other supplements sold online, IGR Plus doesn’t make any unbelievable statements. It uses all-natural ingredients so the chances of it causing a side effect are none. Using it regularly will improve your digestion and prevent common digestive problems. But it doesn’t treat a medical condition. IGR Plus is definitely worth trying digestive health and immunity booster. Try this formula to see how it works on you. Book your orders today through the official website.