About fitngeeky

When you…

  • want to be fitter and healthier but don’t know where to start 
  • hate diets because eating being strict never works (it really doesn’t)
  • believe you need to live in the gym to be fit (you don’t)
  • or think “Is this it?” in regards to your life

…read my blog instead.

Health and fitness are confusing as shit. I know. I write about them for a living.

Sure, we have science and general guidelines for how to lead a healthier life, but even those are confusing; the only thing that everyone agrees on is to eat more vegetables. Can’t go wrong with more vegetables (unless you hate ’em), but there’s gotta be more to it than just gulping down kale smoothies.

FitnGeeky is a blog, a community, and maybe a loosely scribbled road map (like not even with nice markers but, like, with crayons) for you to observe and learn how to take your own health, your life, and your dreams seriously.

Haaaaaave you met me?

If you don’t know the television series How I Met Your Mother, that poor attempt to break the ice was probably lost on you, yet it also summarily prepares you for what you can expect of this blog: awkwardness, quirkiness, coffee-driven existentialism, and fart jokes. 

I’m Stephanie. That’s me in the picture on the right. Sexy, right?

The turkey leg, I mean. 

I started FitnGeeky on YouTube on August 2014 for fun to show my takes on life and fitness.

These days, I’m a wandering freelance writer and “digital nomad”, bouncing from place to place and always being on the lookout for good food, anime, and ways to keep me healthy in body and mind and full of joy–no matter where I am. 

A lot of the articles I write for other media outlets are widely read and cover a variety of health and fitness topics. I feel the warm fuzzies helping people look past all the fad diet bullshit and toxic “fitspiration” messages on social media. 

You can look forward to that on my blog as well, but with more unhinged ramblings, tangents, travel shenanigans, and nonsensical brain dumps. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not for everyone. Some have said I’ve helped them unlock their own adventures; some just shake their head; and still others are along for the ride. 

You be the judge. 

My Obligatory Origin Story

Spoiler: NOT a super hero.

But where did I come from? Who am I? Why am I such a weirdo? Everybody has an origin story, though mine is a lot less exciting than discovering I have super powers (which, believe me, I’m still really bummed about…)

I grew up a late 80s-early 90s kid, playing video games, wearing light-up shoes, and watching Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, and Dragonball Z. I remember the first time my cousin introduced me to the Super Famicom console (and–ahem–his library of pirated games). That’s when I discovered the glory that is button-mashing in Street Fighter II, my love of video games, and my aversion to thumb blisters. Around the same time, I’d become obsessed with anime and all things Japan.

And my fitness story? It has to do with video games, too.

I didn’t used to care about fitness, health, or crazy Hulk strength. I’d played tennis all throughout my younger years until I got to college. That’s when I got to my heaviest weight in 2005 when I was hopelessly addicted to an online game called World of Warcraft. You might’ve heard of it. No exaggeration; I sat in front of my computer, sucking down Coke and noshing dinosaur chicken nuggets for at least 8 hours a day. (All in the name of epic treasure we called lewtz.)

How can an adult let herself be sucked into a virtual, make-believe world, you may wonder. I’ll tell you. Speaking from experience, it’s way easier and much more appealing when that person has such low self-esteem that she prefers interactions with complete strangers online where they can’t see each other’s faces. No one cared about who you were or where you came from, only how capable you were of fighting bad guys. It’s true–ready your hankies, folks–I was a really unattractive teen, and that feeling of being undesirable bled into my later years. I wore baggy clothing to hide my body. Prom? I never went. 

At some point, though, I was spurred on to make a change. I made a video about it here; though I suspect I was also egged onward by the sad realization that I wasn’t doing anything with my life, except hold a dead-end part-time job, play WoW, stuff myself with tons of unhealthy food, and slowly lose all of my friends (no exaggeration: I gave up my time with friends in favor of playing more games). 

I really got into fitness and nutrition thereafter, because they helped me find a purpose in life.  So much so that I pursued a degree in Clinical Nutrition at the University of California, Davis, and continued on to now work in health and fitness in some capacity. In a way, WoW, a video game, saved my life from this mundane cycle of aimless living. 

What’s the point?

Fair question.

I’m of the opinion there’s always something to share with, to learn from others, and more importantly, to do to make a change in someone else’s life. So, prepare for views on health and fitness, happiness, self-exploration, productivity, and certain aspects of geek culture from a girl who likes to lift like she needs to roll a 20; to explore the overworld map that is the globe; and to eat like Pac-Man and Kirby combined.

Plus, my professional background fits the whole FitnGeeky vibe, methinks. Having worked at IGN.com, a video game and entertainment website, and Bodybuilding.com, a fitness site, I find myself in a unique position to see and appreciate the best from both the geeky and fitness industries. 

But I don’t think I’ve gotten to where I am today because I simply have more discipline, willpower, or motivation than the average person. I’ve been able to learn from good people, develop many perspectives and habits over the years, and continue to encounter many wonderful people that let me live as healthfully, freely, and joyfully as I can, without obsessing over doing exactly those things. I emphasize health and looking good, but if I want to eat my donuts and drizzle Sriracha over them–why the hell not? 

Thanks for joining me! Glad to have you join the party.

You can check out my YouTube channel or articles here. If you’re interested in my travels, I keep travel diaries as well!

Stay FitnGeeky, friends.


P.S. My favorite games are Chrono Trigger, Portal 2, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If I could wish for a game to come out, it would be Shenmue 3. (Note: As of December 2015–it’s a real possibility! *fingers crossed*)

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